M A Z E  C A M P

10/4 – 8/5/2022


Every time we enter into a relationship with a new material, we construct a physical space of mutual interaction which modifies the world around us and opens us to the possibility of modifying ourselves in turn.

– Laura Tripaldi, Parallel Minds, Urbanomic 2022



Favilla invited writer and scientist Laura Tripaldi and art historian Stella Succi (Altalena) to lead a workshop within WallStreet.support and the natural surroundings of Fribourg. Maze Camp took the form of a residency with the participation of the artists Azadbek Bekchanov, Elin Gonzalez and Matheline Marmy. For one week, Fribourg served as a meeting space between scientist, artists, protists, metals, salts, polymers, microscopes, energies, places and citizens. The outcomes, documentations, and creations of the workshop were visible during the public event at the end of the week.


The workshop consisted of a series of experiments (such as crystals growth, chemical gardens creation, liquid crystals observation, making of slime, traube cells formation, monitoring of physarum polycephalum, dna extraction, copper electroplating), a short trip to Grottes des Roches Grises, a visit to the Sewing Machine Museum, and several other activities connected to the communal living experience.


The workshop was made possible thanks to a 3-days testing experience in Milan together with Altalena.cc’s artists.

This video capturing moments of the residency was played on a monitor in the space along with remnants of the experiments. Please visit WallStreet website for more images.